Beginning Your Journey

The first step in your adoption journey is the submission of the Application, Agreement of Understanding, Financial and Basic Agreement, and either the Domestic or International Residence Affidavit* (see below) along with the non-refundable application fee.

The Executive Director of AdoptTLC will review your application and contact you within 48 hours to let you know if our agency can work effectively with you to complete your home study.

Once the decision has been made to proceed forward with the home study, you will receive an invoice for the $1,750 home study fee. This home study fee includes the home study and all travel costs ** (see below) for the social worker to visit with you in your home.

After the submission and approval of the above documents the agency will mail/email a home study packet for you to complete and return to your assigned social worker.


* Regarding Resident Affidavit: Domestic adoption applicants must show past residence addresses for the previous 10 years. International adoption applicants must show past residence addresses for since the age of 18. — If you are having trouble remembering those past addresses, you might try looking at a copy of your credit report or you might even try

** There is no charge for the social worker to travel the first 25 miles for the visit one way. A $1.00 fee per mile will be charged after the initial 25 miles on way.

If the social worker must travel more than 100 miles one way, cost of meals and hotel will be charged.

Before he/she makes the home visit, the social worker will let the family know if there will be an added travel charge.